NSV #38

I wore my 17-year-old daughter’s sweatshirt!  I left home unprepared–in a white t-shirt–it started to pour, and the coffee shop was FREEZING.  Thankfully, she has a tendency to leave her stuff in odd places–like sweatshirts in the car.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!
To be fair, it is a size L and is big on her (after spending $60 on a sweatshirt at a theme park only to have it shrink 2 sizes the first time I washed it, she bought this one a size bigger than she really needs).  But 19 months ago, this mama was no where near even being able to get a L past her shoulders.  Back then, I was wearing 3Xs.  So, to get this on with room to be comfy was worthy of NSV status.  And, when we got home, my daughter was quick to come and get the shirt back so it didn’t find its way into my closet instead of hers!

NSV #37

I wore this shirt 20 years ago when I was in college. It’s a junior size XL. It was somewhat big on me then (it was the 90s–thus the Elmo on clothes for teens–and I prefer clothes either baggy or leggings-snug but not snug clothes that don’t move–autism spectrum people will get what I mean). Anyway. The first picture is me and DH 19-1/2 years ago on Father’s Day 1997. I weighed 125 pounds.
Over the years between 1997 and 2015, I gave birth to 3 children, endured 3+ rounds of prednisone treatment for a kind of Grave’s disease that doesn’t make you skinny (as Grave’s often does) but made my left eye bulge out of my head (my kids call it my “mom eye”), and gained almost 100 pounds. Sometime in the mid-2000s I put this shirt in the Goodwill box because it was snug, and I couldn’t see myself ever being small enough to wear it again. DH saw it in there and couldn’t part with it (he’s very sentimental that way). So, he took it and stashed it in the back of his closet, convinced that some day I would wear it again. Me? Not so much. I thought I was doomed to be fat forever and was actually wondering what I was going to do when I couldn’t fit into 3Xs anymore. I figured some day I could turn the Elmo shirt into some kind of craft project.
In October 2015, I started THM at 220 pounds. I don’t know what made me start. It was a God thing is the only explanation I have because I don’t do healthy or diets. Why start something you’re only going to fail at?
So today, I was telling him about the NSV I posted earlier about my “mother’s apron” or “love handles”. He disappeared and came back with the shirt. It fits me almost exactly like it did 20 years ago! Possibly even roomier in the shoulders. Elmo says it all on the back of the shirt! I still have more of a belly than I did 19 years ago (kids will do that to you), but I may actually get that back (or get rid of it depending on how you look at it) too! And, just to show how scales lie. As I said, 20 years ago I weighed 125 pounds and wore a size 10 jeans. This morning, I weighed 151 pounds and wear a size 10 jeans. Numbers lie, ladies!

NSV #35

My aunt’s jaw dropped when I walked in and she said, “You’re like half the person you were when I saw you last! How much weight have you lost?!?” I haven’t seen her since last Christmas. Some would find this insulting. I opted to be proud of my accomplishment.

NSV #34

DH and I have lost a combined total of around 100 pounds (me 65-ish, him 35-ish) in the last year. We could sleep together in a double (a double, not queen) bed for the first time in 10 years while visiting my parents!

I Wore Horizontal Stripes on a Knit Dress!

My daughter made me get dressed up for Christmas church service tonight (we have a pre-Christmas service for those traveling for the actual day). I’m pretty sure iPhone cameras are rigged to make you look thinner and taller, because this is not what I see in the mirror! And this dress is an XL that I just bought the other night. I wear a 12 jeans at Old Navy.


NSV #33

I have no frame of reference for what this used to be like, but this is the tail end of my airplane seatbelt.  I only fly every 5-6 years, so I’m not sure how short it used to be, but given I’ve lost 60 pounds, I’m guessing it used to be a lot shorter!

NSV #30

I’m going to call this an NSV. My ultra skinny daughter (in the white shirt, 5’5″ and probably 110 soaking wet) asked me this morning if I wanted a pair of jeans she has that are too big for her! They are a size 16 GIRLS, I wear a 14-16 misses! The NSV about this is that she even thought I would ever be able to fit into them!


NSV #29

ABelt Another One Bites the Dustnother belt bites the dust! This is the second belt I’ve bought and gone from the 2nd largest hole to the smallest hole since starting THM 10 months ago.
I’m not sure how I can shrink 3″ and still not be a size smaller in jeans, but it has been a while since I’ve tried on new jeans.

NSVs #27 & #28

Contemplated giving these NSVs just one number for the list since they both involve underwear, but they are distinctly different aspects of underwear so they get two numbers but lumped in one post.

#27 – My bikini-cut style undies no longer have to go under my “mother’s apron”! Finally, my body realized that it is out of stored fat to use everywhere else and started burning my belly!  I did have okra a few times last week though.

#28 – The size of my undies is now small enough that when the kids fold the laundry they get mine confused with my 16 yo’s!

NSV #22

dark-side-t-shirtI stole this t-shirt back from my teen!  I gave it to her to use as jammies several years ago because it had become too snug for me.  Fits again now with some room to spare!

NSV #21

hoodieGuess who tied her hoodie around her waist today!  And my entire body width fits in an arm-length selfie!  And I spent 3 hours walking through the zoo without my knees and hips feeling like I am 82 instead of 42!  When I got home after an hour in the car, I could get out of the car with no problems.  40 pounds ago I would have barely been able to get back up and would have been in pain for at least a day.

NSV #20

Since I was going to be starting regular exercise, I decided to go down to CVS and have a lipid panel done just to see where my numbers were with THM alone so I’d know how much difference was due to dietary changes before exercise when I see the numbers this coming fall at my annual checkup.

CVS lipid panel test reusults photo

My overall numbers were about the same, but my triglycerides were vastly improved, down from 218 mg/dl in October 2015 to 128 mg/dl (less than 150 mg/dl is recommended).  While the CVS test did not report my VLDL (very-low-density lipoprotein) level like the panel from my doctor does, that is often estimated based on triglycerides by dividing the triglyceride level by 5.  So, it is fairly safe to assume that my VLDL number would be down too and is probably in the neighborhood of 25-26 mg/dl (less than 30 mg/dl is desirable).  The HDL number is headed in the right direction, up to 45 mg/dl from 41, but really needs to come up to 50 mg/dl or above.  My doctor and the physician assistant at CVS have both indicated that exercise should help this, so I’m looking forward to seeing what my tests this coming October will show.

Of course there is also the “bad” news of my LDL having gone up and total cholesterol staying steady.  Hyperlipidemia/hypercholesterolemia runs in my family as does high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease (my dad had quadruple bypass surgery in 2009 at the age of 62–a mere 20 years from where I am right now), so I am probably considered more at risk for these things, which makes me a little concerned about these numbers.  Both my dad’s heart surgeon and the physician’s assistant at CVS said that there isn’t much you can do about sucky (my term, not their’s) genetics.  However, these days most people, and even mainstream medical professionals, realize that the total cholesterol number is nearly, if not completely, worthless as an indicator of anything.  And, as is the case with most things we hear in the mass media and from mainstream medicine, LDL has been shown to be just a tad more complex than we have been led to believe–starting with the fact that there are four types of LDL that range from harmless to dangerous.  For those that want more information on the subject, Men’s Health featured a lengthy article titled Your Unstoppable Heart that offers a very good explanation of the various aspects of your cholesterol profile and what they do and don’t tell you.   Additionally, I’d suggest reading LDL Cholesterol: “Bad” Cholesterol, or Bad Science in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Fall 2005.  It suggests that LDL cholesterol levels themselves are a poor predictor of risk for coronary heart disease despite what the mainstream medical community has been programmed to say.

You can view a table of my blood test history at Trim Healthy Mama Stats.

NSV #18

If you don’t feel like anything is happening, buy a belt. Seriously folks, this is a two month time frame! My belt went to the last hole easily today. Leather stretches with wear, but not 3-ish inches in 2 months.


NSV #14

Another term, along with Good Girl Moonshine, that THMs probably don’t want their children to repeat at school: “Mom has another notch in her belt!” NSV-02I bought this belt at the beginning of January. I started out in the hole that is 3rd on the right. Today it went comfortably to the hole just before the smallest.


NSV #13

Today was a bleh day. I weighed the same as yesterday (I’m a daily weigher) but pants were tighter and I just felt bloated. But this afternoon when I picked my DD up from horse time, my friend that owns the horses came over and asked if I had lost weight. She said it looked like I “had dropped a lot of weight.” I have only seen her a couple times since I started THM in October, and she didn’t even know I’ve been doing THM. Made my day!

NSV #12

The pic on the left was on 1/7, the pic on the right was yesterday (1/21). 14 days and I can see more of the seat! The jeans probably make a little difference but I don’t think they could do that much because they are not tight on me. I wasn’t even sure I had lost inches this month. Guess I have!

NSV-04  NSV-03

NSV #10

I can see the seat of the car! I felt like the seat was too far back when I was driving and looked down to discover it wasn’t the seat at all but the fact my belly is smaller making me feel too far away from the wheel.


NSV #8

I HAVE to go underwear shopping! I guess when you lose 2-3 pant sizes it makes sense. I’ve been enduring baggy ones but it is getting to the point of annoying with them falling down and bunching up in my pants!

NSV #6

I noticed tonight that the space between my belly and the steering wheel is getting bigger. Probably the only reason I noticed is because my oldest is learning to drive so she drives a lot instead of me. My goal is to get in after she’s driven and not have to move the seat back because my belly doesn’t fit (I’ll still have to move it because I don’t like my legs being that bent while driving).

NSV #4

This won’t seem huge to some people but it is big for me. Since starting THM I have been ordering side salads with my McDonald’s meals rather than fries (and not eating the bun with the sandwich). But I always grab 6 fries right away (I deliberately count 6) from our family pile and eat only those with the rationalization that 6 fries are better than a medium box full, and I’ve been satisfied just having 6. Today we had lunch at McDonald’s, and I didn’t take any fries! I didn’t even make a conscious decision or effort to not take any, I just didn’t! I didn’t even notice I hadn’t until we were almost done eating.

NSV #3

A couple days ago DH commented that my leggings were getting baggy. Today, he had his hands on my upper arms to give me a quick kiss and he starts rubbing them and goes, “Your arms are getting skinnier. You’re just disappearing everywhere! I love it!”

NSV #2

Yesterday, my 10 yo daughter was reading about the food pyramid (circa late 1990s) in her science book, and I told her she could ignore the whole thing (we homeschool, so I’m not usurping anyone’s authority on what she’s supposed to learn). She looks at it and goes, “They say you’re supposed to eat 6-11 servings of bread and pasta a day. That’s stupid!” Score 1! Then after dinner last night she mentioned our earlier conversation and my 15 yo daughter says, “6-11 servings a day!?!? No wonder everybody in America is fat!” Score 2!

1990s Food Pyramid

NSV #1

My THM McDonald's LunchMy lunch today. Everything but the fries is on-plan. I did notice that there is sugar and corn syrup solids (whatever those are) in the ranch dressing at McDonald’s and 11g of carbs with 1g of fiber for net carbs of 10g. However, there is enough dressing in that packet for 2 salads IMHO so I made do with 1/2 the package of dressing and had 5 fries (yes, I counted them). It was enough for me to have just 5 fries and feel satisfied with that. The burgers taste much better off the bun too. And my NSV…NO SODA! I took my GGMS in with me and washed it all down with that.