Is This Really Freedom?

I’ve seen several mentions on Facebook THM groups that people just don’t get how this could be considered food freedom.  As I was reading the book I had the same thought. How can this be food freedom if you have to be careful not to mix fats and carbs and avoid refined sugar and even natural sugars like pure cane and agave, traditional flour, rice, potatoes, and things that contain those items like bread and pasta? And then there are all the special flours and sweeteners used in place of the traditional ones.  There are supplements like protein powder and collagen. It makes your head spin trying to take it all in.  However, after stepping back to see what Serene and Pearl’s overall message is, I think the freedom isn’t so much in being able to eat without a care as it is freedom from a diet plan and way of eating that makes you feel guilty for allowing even one bite of “unapproved” food cross your lips.


THM is as restrictive as YOU make it, not Serene and Pearl or others who do THM. Repeatedly they talk about each person needing to do the plan in a way that fits them. I’m starting to look at it as Serene and Pearl giving us basic principles about how to eat healthier that can be incorporated as each individual is comfortable with, not as a list of instructions that must be followed to the letter. If you’re a “Drive-Thru Sue”, like me, protein powder, five different stevia blends, and a half dozen flours aren’t going to be your thing and that’s okay as long as you are doing the basic keeping fats and carbs in separate meals and avoiding the highly processed sugars and carbs as much as you are comfortable with. Start slow by making a few changes. For me this was ditching soda and replacing it with Good Girl Moonshine, The Shrinker, or those little packets of bottled water flavoring that had stevia instead of aspartame and only eating a “pinch” of fries at McDonald’s (about 10 fries total rather than a whole medium box of them). Not exactly health food but a whole lot better than what I had been doing.

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