Take a Flying Leap

A couple weeks ago, I picked up the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book at the bookstore.  It sat on my footstool for a week.  It then took me a week to read it.  I have a couple Facebook friends and Bible study friends who do THM, which is what got me curious in the first place, but as I noted before, I just didn’t know if I could set myself up to fail one more time.  One thing I did notice though was that after just reading the book I felt about 5 pounds lighter.  Seriously.  I know there can’t possibly be any truth to that, but I really did feel less fluffy in my belly.  However, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to do it.


Then, this week, I turned 42 and apparently went crazy.  I decided this is it.  I’m jumping off the cliff.  I meant to do it quietly so when I fell off the wagon again it would only be me that was disappointed, but at Bible study on Wednesday morning when my friends were comparing THM notes during intermission, I found myself saying, “I’ve decided to do THM.”  They were thrilled.  That evening, I made the mistake of telling my husband.  He was thrilled.  He thinks he’s going to have a “hot” wife again.  I hope he’s right.  So, if my husband knew, it seemed like I might as well tell the kids they’ll be seeing some food changes.  They were thrilled.  My middle daughter can’t wait to take me shopping for clothes.


The cat is out of the bag, so I’m posting my initial before pictures, my goals, and my before stats.  It is likely I won’t weigh myself much more than once a year at my annual physical.  I’m a bit of a data freak and want to be using the same scale for consistency sake.  Also, I generally don’t weigh myself at home anyway because 1) it’s depressing and 2) our scale reads low by about 5 pounds vs. my doctor’s and I have no idea how to adjust it.  So, unless I go to the doctor between annual physicals I won’t be getting weighed. Since I’m not so much about the pounds but about how I look and feel, it’s not a biggie for me.  Another thing to keep in mind is that I prefer loose fitting clothing so my sizes are probably a little bigger than my weight requires.


MY Goals

  • Lower LDL and Triglycerides
  • Increase HDL
  • To fit into a maximum size of Large (16/18), smaller would be better
  • Have the energy to take a walk or bike ride each day
  • Improvement in anxiety and depression
  • Be able to buy a cute bra in a regular store
  • Be able to wear my wedding ring


Before PictureS




July 2014 October 2015
Weight 215 lbs. 225 lbs.
Total Cholesterol 188 mg/dl  200 mg/dl
HDL 41 mg/dl*  41 mg/dl*
LDL 98 mg/dl  115 mg/dl
VLDL 49 mg/dl**  44 mg/dl**
Triglycerides 243 mg/dl***  218 mg/dl***
Blood Sugar 97 mg/dl****  93 mg/dl****
Jean Size  22W  24W
T-Shirt Size 3XL 3XL-4XL
Bra Size 38DDD

* HDL should be higher, 45+ desirable

** VLDL should be lower, <30 desirable

*** Triglycerides should be lower, <150 desirable

**** Blood sugar should be <99

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