I Can’t Sell Enough Dishcloths for a New Roof

In 1999 the company I worked for closed the location I worked at, moving our jobs to another location, and I chose not to go with them. Instead, I had kids. I spent the next 23 years raising and educating three of the most amazing human beings I know. When the youngest graduated it was time to go back to work to bring in the money we will eventually need to replace our roof and 20-year-old minivan and take care of a few other things. As I began looking for part-time opportunities that would be a good fit for me, I was discouraged that for someone with a college degree but no “real world” experience for the past 23 years (as if raising kids isn’t real world experience) my options were fast food, retail, childcare, or elder care—none of which are a good fit for me personality-wise. My oldest suggested opening an Etsy shop to sell the things I make as my hobbies. I told her there was no way I was going to sell enough dishcloths to be able to afford a new roof. She rolled her eyes. So…allow me to present Flowerkraut Collective.


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