Picture Day – 23 Months

23-Month Pictures

Before front - 10/23/15 


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10/23/15 10/23/16 11/23/16 12/23/16 1/23/17 2/23/17 3/23/17 4/23/17 5/23/17 6/23/17 7/23/17 8/23/17 9/23/17
Weight 220 157.6 154.6 152.8 151 149.6 148.2 146 145.6 143.6 143.2 141.6 139.6
Bust 47.75″ 40.5″ 40.25″ 39.5″ 39.25″ 39.25″ 39.25″ 39.25″ 39.5″ 39″ 39″ 39″ 39″
Waist 47″ 37.25″ 36.75″ 36.5″ 36″ 36″ 36″ 35.75″ 35.5″ 35.25″ 35″ 34.5″ 35″
Hips 51.5″ 40″ 39.75″ 39.5″ 39″ 39″ 39″ 38.75″ 38.5″ 38.5″ 38.5″ 38.5″ 38.25″

See my Trim Healthy Mama Stats page to see all monthly measurements of my THM journey.


What I’m Thinking

Just one more month and I’ll have been following the THM lifestyle for two years!  Next month I’ll have tons to say about things, but right now, I want to point out how my waist measurement went up slightly over last month.  The reason I point this out is to reassure other mamas that progress isn’t linear (i.e. – doesn’t always get smaller or lighter) from one month to the next.  Measurements of any kind are tricky.  Weight fluctuates literally from one minute to the next, as evidenced by the fact that I can weigh myself in the morning, walk across the room to turn the shower on, immediately turn and come back to weigh myself again while the water warms up, and have the scale be anywhere from 0.2 to 0.4 pounds less or more.  People always say that this is why you should take measurements instead of relying on the scale.  And, I agree to some extent.  But, the tape measure can be equally unreliable.  Unless you have drawn lines on your self to make exactly where you measured the previous time, chances are you’ll measure in a slightly different location the next time and this will impact what measurement you get.  It doesn’t take much movement to a slightly narrower or wider little bit of a body part to make a big impact.  Or you’ll hold the tape a little tighter or a little looser than the previous measure.  Clothing sizes are just as bad, and possibly worse, for trying to gauge progress.  My recommendation for tracking progress is to keep an eye on all three of these–weight, measurements, and clothing size–but to also relax and enjoy the journey.  Remember, it is the longer-term trend that you should look at and not the daily, weekly, or even monthly fluctuations.  Do not focus on a period of time smaller than AT LEAST 3 MONTHS to see if things are headed in the right direction.  Sorry to say that so loud, but it is a trap I have seen too many mamas fall into on the THM journey.  They try it for a few weeks, don’t see the miraculous 20-pounds-in-a-month results that very few mamas do, and they assume they are a “turtle” loser or just flat out give up saying THM doesn’t work for them.  I know 3 months seems like an eternity in this day and age, but after 23 months of this, I’m confident that 3 months is how long it takes to truly see if changes, either losing or gaining, are happening.

So, back to my smidgen increase in waist size this month.  Eh.  Whatever.  That’s my take on it.  I’d eaten quite a few salty meals in the couple days prior to that measure.  I hadn’t been drinking my AT LEAST 2 QUARTS of GGMS/water/tea per day.  A couple of times this month I’d gone flat-out off-plan (I had sushi and a pancake–not in the same meal, but in the same week) and my digestive system does NOT like rice at all.  Unfortunately, I love sushi.  I have short-term memory loss meaning who knows if I measured a centimeter higher on my waist last month or not.  Bottom line, I’m not going to freak out.  We’ll see what happens next month.


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