Picture Day – 12 Months

12-Month Pictures

Before front - 10/23/15 


See my Trim Healthy Mama Before & After Photos page to view all before and after photos of my THM journey.



10/23/15 11/23/15 12/23/15 1/23/16 2/23/16 4/23/16 5/23/16 6/23/16 7/23/16 8/23/16 9/23/16 10/23/16
Weight 220 213.4 207.2 201 195.6 185.2 181.2 176.4 170.0 167.2 162.6 157.6
Bust 47.75″ 45.75″ 45.5″ 44″ 44″ 43″ 42.75″ 42.25″ 41.75″ 41″ 41″ 40.5″
Waist 47″ 46.5″ 43″ 43.5″ 42″ 40.5″ 39″ 38.75″ 37.5″ 37.5″ 37.25″ 37.25″
Hips 51.5″ 47″ 46.5″ 45.5″ 44.5″ 44″ 43″ 42.25″ 41.5″ 41″ 40.5″ 40″

See Picture Day – 5 Months for an explanation of why there are no stats for March.


What I’m Thinking

I started THM a year ago thinking I’d do it for a year, I’d probably lose 5 pounds and still look like my before picture, and then I could go on my merry (a.k.a. miserable) way having proved that it didn’t work. Somewhere in the mix the Lord got ahold of me and the process because I don’t do stuff like this. I don’t diet (as in I’m not one to follow eating plans and rules and such). I don’t exercise. I’ve heard and seen all the gimmicks and am skeptical of everything. I don’t stick with things. When the going gets tough, I’m out.

Unlike many who come to THM, I haven’t struggled with weight my whole life. I grew up a skinny kid. In my teens and 20s I was a healthy weight (not according to media standards, which are not healthy anyway, but in the 120-125 range at 5’3″ I was not fat). Then, when I had my kids, it started creeping on. About 20 pounds for each child (for a total of 60) and then several rounds of prednisone for a ocular thyroid condition caused by thyroid antibodies added another 30 pounds. Coupled with bad eating habits, my body had had enough and I was miserable.

But, on THM I just started feeling better, which was even more huge than the weight coming off. And I just kept going. I’ll say it again, I don’t do stuff like this, so I know it was God’s will and timing for it to work for me as easily as it has.

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