Picture Day – 4 Months


10/23/15 11/23/15 12/23/15 1/23/16 2/23/16
Weight 220 213.4 207.2 201 195.6
Bust 47.75″ 45.75″  45.5″  44″  44″
Waist 47″ 46.5″  43″  43.5″  42″
Hips 51.5″ 47″  46.5″  45.5″  44.5″



Before front - 10/23/15  


See my Trim Healthy Mama Before & After Photos page to view all before and after photos of my THM journey.



It’s been a tough month!  You’ll notice I started posting my weight numbers in the chart above despite my initially saying I wouldn’t be doing that.  I do weigh every day and hopefully soon I will have an entry about why I do that and why it is a bad idea.  However, I decided to add it to help myself and others see what I look like in relation to what I weigh and how what the scale says might not be what is seen (either for better or worse).  I believe I experienced my first stall.  And while it was brief compared so some, it threw me for a loop for a few weeks.  Since I’m down around 25 pounds–October weight is an estimate–it was time for my body to step back and do what is sometimes referred to as a reset or stall.  I made it to less than 200 pounds at the end of January and then hovered in the 198-199 neighborhood for a couple weeks.  I moved down to a few days of 197 and even a day of 196 and then over four days time went back up to 200.  A variety of factors probably contributed to this water gain–an off-plan meal of sushi and ovulation being a couple of them–but it freaked me out and I will admit I started panicking.  I am terrified that this is all a dream and I’ll be like Cinderella and end up back at 225 pounds in a hollowed out pumpkin with mice as friends at midnight.  It sounds irrational, but I did have a flat tire on my vehicle during one of those days, so you can see why I was one step away from rodents as companions in my mind.  The 198-200 lasted again for another week and then it resumed dropping.  I still lost inches for the month and have moved down a size in jeans so the scale doesn’t have the whole story here.  But, I hope that is it for this stall/reset.  I also had a HUGE non-scale victory yesterday!  My 10-year-old came up to me and gave me a hug and said, “You feel skinny!”  Made my day!


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