Haiti Project

Haiti Project logoThe Haiti Project is a summer project of Freshwater Church.  In Haiti, 45% of all children do not receive adequate nutrition and health care.  Additionally, 50% of the population is illiterate.  Freshwater has partnered with Lott Carey Church in Haiti to provide support for a school and health clinic.

This summer, Freshwater gave seed money to the members of its congregation with one goal, to multiply that money for Haiti.  Based on the parable in Matthew 25:14-30, we are to take our portion and use it wisely to produce an even bigger harvest for Haiti.  100% of the money raised through this effort will go directly to Haiti.


What Our Family Is Doing and How You Can Help

I wanted to take our seed money and offer to buy people’s pocket change for $1 using the logic that many people will have more than $1’s worth of change in their pocket or purse, and therefore we’d make money.  I believe that people would sell us their pocket change for $1 for a good cause and we’d come out ahead.  Keith and the girls thought that was too risky.  From a practical perspective, they’re right, but we’re talking God here!  I mean how risky is it for a church to take a bunch of money and just give it to people with no accounting for who has what and believe that it will receive that much and more back again in 3 months’ time?  Buying pocket change sounds pretty reasonable when you look at it that way.

Anyway, we landed on selling some of the girls’ art projects from school this year on Etsy to attempt to multiply our seed money.  That honestly sounded more risky to me than buying people’s pocket change because I’m not good at selling stuff, but alas, I was out voted.  And again, we’re talking God here.  He can find a way for eight people to want some artwork for a good cause.

You can help support education, health care, and nutrition for impoverished children in Haiti by purchasing one of the art pieces below.  Just click on the piece you’d like and you’ll be taken to our Etsy shop to purchase it.  Some pieces are the original artwork, some are reprints of pieces the girls wanted to share but didn’t want to part with the originals.


Digital Board Print of Watercolor



36 Playing Cards

Reprint of Marker Illustration



Morning Grogginess

Digital Board Print of Watercolor



Odd Bug Out

Original Marker Illustration



Pillar of Fire at Night

Original Acrylic on Canvas



Three Ingrids

Original Colored Pencil



The Fruit Pyramid

Digital Board Print



Flower in the Forest

Original Acrylic on Canvas



Not in the Market for Art?  Other Ways to Donate

You can also donate to the Haiti Project in one of the following ways.

 Send Us Your Pocket Change – email me for our address. I’m NOT going to send you $1, but if you got this far you’re not in it for the buck anyway.
PayPal  Donate via PayPal for Amounts from $5 – $25.  These donations will go to my personal PayPal account and will be turned in to Freshwater with the rest of our family’s Haiti Project money in August.  You will NOT receive a donation receipt using this method.
Freshwater Church’s Online Giving Site  Donate via Freshwater Church’s Online Giving site for amounts greater than $25.  This will insure you get a tax receipt for your donation but involves registering.


About the Artists

ArtistsIngrid, Emily, and Abbey are homeschool students who love creating art.

Ingrid loves the water.  She enjoys swimming and hopes to become a marine biologist when she grows up.

Emily likes to draw, read, and watch Doctor Who.  She enjoys gymnastics and volunteering in the sound booth for the Freshwater youth groups.

Abbey is horse-crazy.  She works with miniature horses several hours each week and shows them at fairs and in on-line horse shows.  She is planning on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.