Why Diets, Including Trim Healthy Mama, Fail

Diet season is starting to wind down—you know, the New Year’s resolution period in January where everyone starts out in the gym and on a diet. It’s pushing February now and the resolutions are going out the window and people are falling off the wagon. I watch a lot of daytime TV. Well, watch isn’t really the right word. The television is on most of the day at my house while we go about our business. Anyway, I’ve noticed weight loss commercials have seasons too. Right now we’re still in the New Year’s resolution season with them, but soon they will switch to “Get in shape for swimsuit season.” And this year with all the NutriSystem, Medi-Fast, Jenny Craig, and diet pill commercials, Oprah has again entered the diet fray with Weight Watchers. What some people may not know about this is that she now owns ten percent of the Weight Watchers company. Many Trim Healthy Mamas have mused that Oprah really should try THM because she could really be successful on it and turn it into a sensation like she does with so many things. As a THM myself, I don’t believe she’d be successful with it and honestly rather she stay away from it.  Yes, Oprah often turns things to gold, but Serene and Pearl haven’t needed any help from highly paid celebrities (or highly paid anybody) turning THM into a sensation thus far because THM works, if you’re willing to get real.

The thing with Oprah is, how many times over the last 30 years have we seen her take it off and then 5 years later be right back where she started—or worse? Remember her liquid diet phase? How unhealthy is that?!?! Remember when she pulled a child’s wagon onto the stage with the 67 pounds of fat she’d lost in it? Remember when she said on air that she was done bringing up her weight on the show? Because of her public persona and wealth, she has or has had a chef cook all her meals, hired personal trainers, and consulted both physical and mental health gurus for years. Many of the people she has hired or consulted have gone on to stardom themselves (Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Bob Greene). But there is something else, that is not weight related, that is fundamentally missing in her life and she’ll continue to battle the weight until she gets that part of herself straightened out.

I know she says and thinks she has the missing part figured out with as much as she talks about spirituality, but trust me, she doesn’t. I’m not proselytizing. Yes, I am a Christian. And as a Christian, I believe a relationship with Jesus Christ is critical. However, there are plenty of Christians who are unhappy with their weight and discontent with their bodies. And, there are plenty of non-Christians who are healthy and content in their unbelief. I do not think Oprah is one of them. I think she grasps as straws trying to find the “answer” to her weight problem and those answers always come up empty because nothing about her changes except for her dress size (not her heart, not her mind, not her habits). Many who follow Trim Healthy Mama came to THM because of a weight issue and in the process have learned so much more about themselves that can’t be measured by a scale–emotional eating, how the human body works, the highly addictive drug/poison that is sugar, self-worth, sending guilt packing, good eating habits. As someone with weight problems and body issues, I have had to take a long, hard, honest look about everything I put in my mouth and how closely I’m really following THM principles. If you’re not willing to get real with yourself, THM (or any other diet/eating program) is not going to work. Oprah goes to people who have the science figured out and then has hired help spoon feed her rather than learning underlying principles herself and taking them to heart. If she did try THM, she would likely pay Serene and Pearl a lot of money to consult with her and her staff privately, probably pay to help “launch” them into a big business with Oprah getting part ownership or royalties for her “help” (and probably strip THM down to the very algorithm Serene and Pearl caution against in the numbers chapter of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book and of the real life aspect of THM that current mamas know and love), and then have her staff put these Oprah-fied THM principles into practice as they manage the little details of her life so she doesn’t have to bother with it herself. Do you really think Oprah herself decides what she’s going to have for a snack? Or, despite what her Twitter and Facebook pics may appear to show, that she is really in her kitchen prepping her meals and snacks? You can tell a lot about what a person really believes by how they behave, not by what they say they believe. So, until she’s ready to take a good, long, hard look at what it is in herself that is causing this cycle to repeat for her, she’s going to keep going around the same mountain.  When she realizes that it’s not the weight or money that matters, she’ll be able to put the weight issue to rest, whether skinny or fat, once and for all.


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